Whether you are traveling through Beatty on your way to your destination or seeking adventure, you are sure to find the Nevada desert has lots to offer...

Maybe it's a hot spot at the Dunes, a cool breeze with breathtaking views in Beatty, a little desert creature by chance, or one in the confines of the Museum at the Death Valley Visitor's Center. You will be intrigued, interested and impressed.


Visit all the wonders of Death Valley...

Stay at the Stagecoach Hotel in Beatty!

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Bike Ride, Car Club Cruise & Show, Cycle Poker Run, Off-Road Events and More!

As the host hotel for many of the annual local events, the Stagecoach Hotel & Casino has limited availability, so book your room early.

There is always something to see,

watch and do in Beatty - Death Valley, Nevada territory.


Here's a few spots to visit on your

Death Valley journey!

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for a brochure on one of many special places to take a tour

and witness nature's amazing sites and creations.



If you aren't walking it or biking it... "drive it to see it". Many of the most talked about places to visit are visible from your vehicle. Bring your camera; you will want to revisit the beautiful sites and memorable moments you are sure to take in while on your journey. Enjoy!!



Since constructed trails are limited, most hiking routes in the Death Valley Park are cross-country, up canyons, or along ridges. There is a lot to see and explore, no matter where you are in Death Valley and it's surrounding territory. If you are planning a half-day or longer hike, remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and essentials for a rigorous exploration. Breathtaking views and sights are sure to be found while on your journey.  Don't forget the camera, and be prepared to get a good workout!



The most pleasant time of the year to hike in Death Valley is from November through March. Summer temperatures can be treacherous and dangerous. Although, the spring and autumn heat can be unbearable for some, it is important to always check daily temperatures and weather conditions. If you choose to travel to this spectacular region, remember the low elevation hikes are best for cooler winter days; the higher elevation is a pleasant escape from the heat during the summer, as well the mountain peaks can be covered with snow. Always be properly equipped with adequate clothing, gear, safety needs and essentials.



The dry and hot climate of Death Valley requires plenty of water to stay hydrated. No matter what season it is, always be equipped with water and appropriate dietary consumptions for the physical endurance you may encounter while on any journey in this region. If you should find a natural spring, do not consider it as healthy drinking water; most likely it needs to be boiled or treated before ingesting.


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